'I ate out of bins:' Doncaster dad shocks wealthy heiress on TV's Rich Kids Go Skint

A struggling Doncaster dad revealed he ate out of bins and slept rough to a shocked Nigerian heiress on TV’s Rich Kids Go Skint.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 11:16 am

Mercedez, who lives off a £1,500 monthly allowance from her millionaire grandad, spent time with Doncaster parents Liam and Caitlan for the Channel 5 show which sees people with luxury lifestyles see how those at the other end of the social spectrum live.

And she was reduced to tears when Liam revealed that he once scavanged from bins to survive.

The engineering student, 24, who lives in a £2,000 a month penthouse flat in London, went to stay with the Doncaster couple, who are expecting their second child, on the 5Star show.

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Liam and Caitlan spent time hosting heiress Mercedez. (Photos: 5Star).

Splashing her cash on designer handbags and spending £100 a day on food takeaways, she was shocked when told that Liam and Caitlan, both unemployed, scrape by on £548 a month of benefits, selling their belongings at the pawn shop to make ends meet and relying on the help of a local food bank to feed their two-year-old daughter Esme-Rose.

'When I was 13 years-old, I couldn't get no money at the time, no money or job,' he told Merecdez.

'There's a shop just around the corner, I had to sleep underneath it, for six and a half months.

'This here,' he said, pointed to a corner full of rubbish, it used to be a walk bin, where I spent most of my time, for six and a half month, behind here, eating out of bins.’

'Sometimes I used to, on a Friday night, sit outside clubs begging for money, something I wouldn't ever want anybody to go through,' he added.

'I can't even imagine,' Mercedez said, wiping tears from her face.

'I am who I am today because of that reason, I went to live with my nan, my nan got me through college, I studied catering,’ he said.

'I can't read much now, can't write very well, I'm very very dyslexic, that stops me from getting plenty of jobs, stops me from driving, stops me from actually working sometimes,' he said, crying.

'I managed to pick myself up and basically who I am today, I'm a good guy, people see that deep down,' he added.

Rich Kids Go Skint is available on My5.