How you can tell us what you think about the Doncaster Free Press

Is there something you would like to see in the Doncaster Free Press?

Doncaster Free Press
Doncaster Free Press

Then why not come out and tell us all about it at our next meet the team event, which will see us meeting readers in Doncaster town centre tomorrow?

We will be at The Point arts centre’s cafe from 12noon until 1pm on Friday, December 13, to speak to you about the paper and the website.

And we would love to hear your views on our products.

Perhaps there’s something that you would like us to give more coverage to? Or maybe there is something that you don’t like us writing about.

Or maybe there is a story that you would like us to report, or someone in your community that you think deserves recognition for the work they do. Come down and let us know.