Here is what Doncaster parents and carers think about their children going back to school

Children across Doncaster have returned to school in the past two weeks for the first time in six months - see what six parents think about the move back to in-person education.

Friday, 11th September 2020, 7:00 am
The main concerns of the Free Press commenters were bus capacity and social distancing at the school gates.

We reached out to parents and carers to see what they have felt about their children returning to school in the last two weeks.

One commenter on the Doncaster Free Press, Louise Wollerton, said: “I believe schools are doing all they can to protect the adults and children in the school.

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But commenter Ashlee Sarah Bussey, disagrees, she wrote: “The social distancing rules are being ignored by the schools, not the parents.

“It certainly seems like, within the classroom, nothing changed and the kids are still breathing over each other.”

One issue which came up multiple times with our commenters is that of the busses and whether it’s possible for pupils to social distance effectively whilst traveling on them.

Katrina McCann replied to this by saying: “I can understand slight capacity relaxations but our kids are crammed on the school bus just like before lockdown.

“Because of this I've taken the decision to drive them to school and the kids will walk home.”

Katrina says that this is a manageable option for now but will become harder in the Winter months as the walk is about an hour long.

The picking up of children from school is also a topic out commenters are concerned about.

Katrina Jane Parker said: “Parents are standing far too close and kids are not going in at the allocated time because they are late.”

“As someone who lost a loved one to Covid-19 the free for all when leaving after drop off and pick up is quite scary.”

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