Head defends security after pupils' bikes are stolen from Doncaster school

A Doncaster secondary school headteacher has defended security after pupils’ bikes were stolen from school premises.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 10:11 am

Six students at Scawsby’s Ridgewood School were said to have been left ‘heartbroken’ after raiders targeted the Barnsley Road site last week.

Now the school’s head, Andy Peirson has spoken out about the ‘unsavoury incident’ – and has reassured parents and students over safety and security at the school.

In a letter to parents he said: “Last week we had an unsavoury incident when a group of thieves gained access to the school bicycle store and some bikes were stolen.

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Ridgewood School.

"There were reports written on social media about the safety of students, lax security and the absence of CCTV. I can reassure you that this was not the case, and during the theft, no students or staff were at risk.

"The thieves gained access to the bicycle store from the car park and did not try to breach the secure line and access any of the school buildings. | can also confirm that CCTV was in operation and the footage has been provided to the police, who are investigating the incident.

"Unfortunately, this theft is one of several that have taken place on school sites across Doncaster recently.

“Although we have attempted to make the bicycle store even more secure, we cannot ensure total security and cannot be liable for any theft of any personal items from the school site – this also applies to items such as mobile phones.

"If you want your son/daughter to travel to school by bicycle, | would urge you to check that the bike is covered under your household insurance and, if not, consider the risks of leaving it in the bicycle store.”

A crowdfunding campaign was set up for the group of ‘heartbroken’ pupils after the bikes were taken at around 12.30pm last Monday.

Fundraiser Courtney Needham said: “Four people entered the school premises and took six student bicycles.

"It is heartbreaking to know that our children can’t even ride their bikes to school without them being taken, when that’s meant to be a safe place for them to be.”

Meanwhile, local business Ebuyer has donated a state of the art gaming PC to students to raffle off to help raise funds.

You can donate HERE