Hairy Bikers blasted for mixing up Doncaster and Sheffield on new TV show

TV cookery duo The Hairy Bikers have been blasted for mixing up Doncaster and Sheffield on their new programme.

Wednesday, 5th January 2022, 9:43 am

Si King and Dave Myers were filmed recently in the town for their television Christmas special – but eagle-eyed viewers spotted the pair putting Tickhill in Sheffield rather than Doncaster throughout the show.

And it is not the first time the pair have blundered when it comes to Doncaster.

Back in 2016, Dave described Doncaster as being in North Yorkshire on a TV show.

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The Hairy Bikers visited Doncaster for their new TV show. (Photo: BBC).

In a Christmas special of The Hairy Bikers Go North, broadcast last month, the pair made a mistake while at their final location that was picked up by viewers.

The TV chefs travelled to the town of Tickhill near Doncaster to visit the base of ‘God’s Own Yorkshire Rum’, which is one of the few hand-distilled rum producers in the UK.

However, throughout the section of the show, Dave and Si told viewers that Tickhill was in Sheffield rather than Doncaster.

Twitter user Keith James said: “What a shame you credited Sheffield with being the home of God's Own Yorkshire Rum when in fact it’s Tickhill in Doncaster. Wonder why.”

Matt Lester added: “Watching Hairy Bikers Go North for Christmas. They’ve gone to Tickhill in Doncaster for rum.

“They keep saying Tickhill in Sheffield, when it’s in sunny Donny.”

The were in town to meet best friends Campbell Caruth and Joe Dunning to learn about their hand-distilled, premium rums, the perfect ingredient to add to the Biker’s frangipane mince pies at the pair’s God’s Own Rum Distillery.

The celebrity pair have made a number of visits to Doncaster over the years, filming for a number of their TV shows and making visits to Doncaster Market to stock up on fresh produce.

In 2016, the Hairy Builder saw Myers investigating restoration projects across the country and dropping in at Doncaster's Mansion House.

But the star began his introduction to the show by announcing: "Doncaster - the jewel in the crown of North Yorkshire."

Twitter users were quick to point the blunder with Ian Cambe tweeting: "Just a small point Dave Myers hairy builder. Doncaster is in South Yorkshire not North Yorkshire."