'Great to see' and 'bl***y idiots!' Mixed views as shops and pubs re-open in Doncaster

The return of shoppers and drinkers to Doncaster town centre has met with a mixed response following the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 12:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 12:49 pm

Yesterday, town centre streets were packed for the first time in months, with queues forming outside stores, hairdressers and pubs as thousands of people descended on Doncaster after the Government allowed non-essential shops, beauty salons, gyms and outdoor hospitality venues to throw open their doors once more.

While some Doncaster people were keen to see people back out and enjoying themselves, others felt those queuing for shops such as Primark and crowding into beer gardens were irresponsible and would lead to a third wave of coronavirus cases across the UK.

Writing on Facebook, Valerie Taylor described shoppers as ‘utterly selfish’ while Karen Stray Hirst posted: “Not belong before we’re all in lockdown again, bloody idiots.”

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Busy streets as shoppers return to Doncaster town centre.

But others were keen to see places reopening and Rachael Carlin wrote: “Selfish for wanting some kind of normality after having to stay at home for a year? This is needed for mental health."

Another added: “How is it selfish? We have to reopen at some point, as long as they are following the laws and social distancing there's no issue.”

Jenni Collingwood added: “I'm glad to be getting back to a bit of normality.”

Karen Merton said: “People are so judgemental. The shops are open, if you don’t want to go don’t but stop judging those who chose to. We can’t play hide & seek with this virus forever.”

Claire Booker added: “Which would be best - queues outside Primark or queues outside the Jobcentre because businesses have gone bust and staff become unemployed. Some folk need to seriously get a grip.”

Wayne Skippon said: “Good on them for being out and about rather than sat at home scared of the outside world. Life goes on.”

Ian Gude posted: “Great to see people out and about, and shops and businesses busy. Some people really need to get a grip.”

Caz Thompson wrote: “Driving through town after work I was a tad jealous of all those sat enjoying a drink in the makeshift beer gardens, its was nice too see though gave a sense of normality and hope.”

Lee Marshall added: “If u wanna go, go - if you don't don't it's that simple.”