Girls praised after rescuing baby swan from carnage at Doncaster beauty spot

Two young girls have been praised after rescuing a baby swan from an horrific attack at a Doncaster beauty spot.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 4th July 2022, 12:55 pm
Updated Monday, 4th July 2022, 12:55 pm

Lucy Curtis and Madison McLean leapt into action when they witnessed the afermath of an incident at Askern Lake which saw a number of birds killed or savaged by animal.

The pair were strolling near to the lake on Saturday when they discovered the horror.

Laura Waude, a spokesman for Askern Town Council said: “On Saturday morning the swans and cygnets at Askern Lake were all well at around 10am.

Lucy and Madison leapt into action to rescue an injured cygnet. (Photo: Laura Waude/Askern Town Council).

"Shortly after the parents took their six young down the stream towards the rear of building site and Marlborough field where they sustained a savage attack from a fox, mink, or dog and became entangled in a shopping trolley which had been dumped in the water.

"One cygnet was seen dead in the water, and one was rescued and removed by the two girls Lucy and Madison who took the cygnet home and cared for it until it was returned to our lake warden who handed it over to the care of Swan Rescue.

"The two adult swans sustained serious injuries and it is thought that the pen is unlikely to survive, and two cygnets are still unaccounted for.

"Swan Rescue were called to assist and removed the two adults and three other cygnets which were also injured and took them to the sanctuary.

"Lucy and Madison must have been traumatised seeing this ordeal and acted with great care and courage to look after the cygnet, thank you girls.”