Fuming Doncaster mum sets up petition after daughter's school ban over fur hood

A fuming Doncaster mum has launched a petition calling for a school to ditch its uniform policy after her daughter was barred from lessons for her coat’s fur hood.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 1st October 2021, 8:03 am

Grace Evans, 15, was sent home from Edlington’s Sir Thomas Wharton Academy after being told that the faux fur lining of her coat was in breach of the school’s uniform code.

Now her angry mum Claire Williams has launched a petition calling for the school to ditch its policy.

Writing on the petition page, which can be viewed and signed HERE she wrote: “One, if not more of Sir Thomas Wharton policies needs to be reviewed, in particular with regards to school uniform.

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Grace Evans was sent home for the fur lining of the hood of her coat.

“The policy states that no hoodies, denim, fur and leather jackets are allowed - this is however unclear as to what it actually means.

“They have put children in isolation for simply having a fur lined hood. It also states that no outdoor clothing is allowed in school and will be confiscated as it is ‘classed’ non academy wear.

“The school should not be able to dictate what coats children should be wearing or any clothing for that matter other than the school uniform as advised.

“This is having a negative effect on the education of many students and more teaching time away from the classroom.

"During the past 18 months our children have suffered massively and have dealt with things they should never have to deal with at such a young age in which you would think education establishments would consider when writing the policies of the school.

“This particular policy has misled many students, parents, guardians and carers and is affecting the education of many children who attend Sir Thomas Wharton as they are having to spend time in isolation which is not only removing them from an educational setting but also from the support of their teachers and peers in learning.”

Grace, who is in her GCSE year, was reportedly sent home from school earlier this week over the hood of her coat.

The school’s policy states: “Only plain outdoor coats are permitted. Hoodies, fur, denim and leather jackets are not permitted at any time on the academy site. Outdoor coats must be removed at the entrance to the Academy buildings, as outdoor wear is not permitted indoors."