Doncaster woman's shock as dog finds sex toy on walk - then wants to play fetch

A shocked Doncaster dog walker has told of the moment her pet dog found a huge sex toy on a walk – and then wanted to play fetch with it.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 11th February 2021, 12:01 pm

Laura Roberts was out for a stroll when her 11-month old Cocker Springer cross, Domino, when he darted back to her with the rather rude eight inch sex toy dangling from his jaws.

Laura, 29 and Domino made the saucy discovery while they were talking a walk across Armthorpe Pit Top.

She said the dog ran off, started digging, then bounced back to her and left the sex toy by her feet – expecting her to throw it so they could start playing.

Domino brought his owner Laura Roberts a sex toy he found on a walk. (Photo: SWNS).

But she burst out laughing as she was used to him bringing back all sorts of balls, but ‘not these kinds of balls’.

She said: “He ran off like he always does and when I got to him he was just digging away and when I shouted for him to come back he brought it with him.

“Never expected something like this, I just burst out laughing. He was holding it in the middle so it was dangling out of both sides of his mouth.

“Then he just dropped it at my feet and then looked at me like he was asking if I was going to throw it at him like a toy.

“I didn’t, even though it was a toy. One he shouldn’t have in his mouth. He’s always obsessed with bringing stuff like tennis balls, I’m not used to getting these kinds.

“I didn’t want to touch it, but he left it. So we just left it there, not knowing what to do with it."

They returned to the park the following day, on Sunday, but the dildo had magically disappeared from where they last saw it.

The pair returned to the park the next day and found the dildo again – with Domino once again returning with the sex toy.

Laura, a primary school teacher, said: ‘This is definitely the strangest thing he’s ever brought back. But it made our weekend.

“It’s made us all laugh so much. We thought that the owner had gotten their toy back but it seems Domino had a knack for finding it.”