Doncaster woman's joy after winning £30,000 campervan with £7 raffle ticket

A Doncaster vet has won a £30,000 campervan – after spending just £7 on a ticket in a raffle.
Joanne is presented with the van by Ryan.Joanne is presented with the van by Ryan.
Joanne is presented with the van by Ryan.

Joanne Pettinger scooped the van in a contest organised by Bristol-based Vanny Campers.

The firm, run by Ryan Bonkinson and partner Hannah, has allowed people across the country to win vans for a tiny fraction of the cost.

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He said: “During the last live draw, we had a winner called Joanne, a young vet who lives in Doncaster.

“Jo purchased only one ticket for £6.97 and during the live stream, was announced as the winner of the £30,000 campervan.

“We are absolutely delighted for Jo.

“We transported the van to Blackpool for her to pick up as we were headed that way and we picked Jo up from the train station.

"It was a really really nice moment, Jo was so overwhelmed with the win and a little shocked to say the least!

You can view the moment the van was handed over HERE

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Added Ryan: “Jo was a lovely lovely lady who emitted an amazing energy, she was in shock during the phone call when we notified her as the winner.

"She kept asking if we were serious or winding her up.

"We absolutely love what we do and this is a nice positive, feel good, local story in an otherwise uncertain time.

The firm also give to charities every month.

Added Ryan: “Last month we were able to donate a thousand pounds to Great Western Air Ambulance Charity. This is an added bonus of what we do and love that we are able to help in some way.”

More details about Vanny Campers HERE