Doncaster Voices: Doncaster streets ... how can we make them safer?

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East Doncaster Development Trustees Chair Bill Morrison

It’s a simple answer. We must spend more and put more police on the street. But that means you and I have to be prepared to pay more. Our police must be visible and unpredictable as to their whereabouts. By that I mean be seen to be believed and be more random in their patrols. Don’t be the car that passes number 22 at regular intervals. Being predictable in that way gives the criminal a timetable. Zero tolerance to bad behaviour on the streets, 24-hour courts to back up zero tolerance with punishment to match. Whatever the offence, if a fine (and it should be big) is imposed, it should be immediately attached to earnings or benefits. If they carry plastic, make it instant payment if enough funds are available. We can have safer streets but not without effort and commitment. Be brave, be fearless!

Doncaster Police Superintendent Neil Thomas

South Yorkshire Police is working with a number of partners to continue to make Doncaster town centre a safer place to live, work and socialise. To that end, the police reintroduced a Town Centre Team in January of this year, and their presence has been welcomed. Consultation is currently ongoing with DMBC, regarding a Public Space Protection Order, and the police have put forward a number of suggestions regarding some of the proposed conditions. We have recently carried out test purchasing, regarding the sale of knives, and all shops tested passed, which is a positive for Doncaster town centre. Doncaster has a vibrant night time economy and, again, the police and our licensing officers work closely with licensees to ensure our streets and businesses are safe for the public of Doncaster.

Coun Chris McGuinness, DMBC Cabinet Member, Communities, Voluntary Sector & Environment

Doncaster is a vibrant and enjoyable place to live and work. However we know in some communities there are certain individuals who do not embody the same community spirit as others. We have a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour and work hard with our partners in South Yorkshire Police to make our communities safer and cleaner places to live and work. In a number of areas we continue to support the police with home safety and crime reduction initiatives as well as supporting the community with cohesion initiatives to help address issues such as nuisance motorbikes. We will continue to work with our partners to help address underlying issues. However, to ensure this is successful, we also need the communities’ support. Only by working together can we succeed in making our streets safer.

Ilayda Yatar, Doncaster Youth Councillor

From the perspective of a Doncaster youth, I believe there are many ways to improve safety of our streets. Ensuring all main roads have zebra crossing, along with bicycle lanes, is key way to keep our pedestrians and bike users safe from any traffic and prevent as many road accidents as possible. While many of us have heard of Neighbourhood Watch, not many are aware of local schemes and further information. By promoting these schemes, we will help mould our neighbourhoods into safer, friendlier and more reliable places. I also believe having regular check-ups on existing street and traffic cameras, along with increasing them by placing new ones on all main roads, will encourage better behaviour and overall better safety on Doncaster’s streets.