Doncaster TV star Chrissie Wunna reveals new Cardi B waxwork is actually her body

A new waxwork statue wowing fans of American rapper Cardi B in Hollywood is actually Doncaster model and TV star Chrissie Wunna, the Steph’s Packed Lunch host has revealed.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 9th May 2022, 3:48 pm

The lifesize statue has just been unveiled at the Hollywood Wax Museum in the United States and has been met with acclaim by fans of the 29-year-old performer, whose hits include WAP and I Like It.

But the Doncaster presenter and model says the star’s waxwork body is actually hers – and revealed how she underwent a series of modelling sessions to create the figure at a studio in Yorkshire before it was shipped to the USA.

She said: “I had two sessions with the remarkable Tony Webb who designed the wax work in Yorkshire and it was incredible.

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Chrissie Wunna was chosen to model for a new waxwork of American rapper Cardi B. (Photos: Chrissie Wunna/Getty).

"Tony has made waxworks globally for all the famous museums including Madame Tussauds.

"We went through some of Cardi B’s iconic red carpet poses, rehearsed them and then I stood on the model’s spinning wheel, in the chosen position for the final wax work pose and all my measurements were taken.

"During the second session, I stood in the same position and a gooey clay-like plaster was smeared all over my body.

"Once dry, it was carefully cut away from me and made into a cast to create Cardi B’s body for the wax work which is now on display at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

"It was just such a remarkable experience to have worked for such an amazing team.

"As if I am Cardi B’s wax work body! What a story to tell! It’s ace!”

The waxwork has gone on show in Myrtle Beach in the last few days and Chrissie was chosen from numerous models and booked for the job immediately, on the spot, in the audition room in Leeds.

The New York rapper shared a fan’s picture on her Instagram story adding, “Naaa this wax figure of me lit. I thought this was really me ayoooooo.”

Meanwhile, Chrissie herself is no stranger to the limelight.