Doncaster teen spends £3,500 on strippers at stag do, friends come to rescue with fundraising appeal

A Doncaster teenager who spent £3,500 on strippers at a lap dancing club has seen his friends come to the rescue – by setting up a fundraising appeal to get him his life savings back.

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 8:28 am
A fundraising page has been set up for Will Turton. Photo: Facebook.
A fundraising page has been set up for Will Turton. Photo: Facebook.

18-year-old Will Turton from Rossington ran up the huge bill "living it large like Pablo Escobar" in a Liverpool club during a stag do.

The teenager is reported to have blown his life savings on £120 a time dances with girls at the X In The City club while on a boozy night out with mates.

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Now a fundraising drive has been set up by friends, after national newspapers reported the horrific ‘morning after’ when he realised he had emptied out his bank account.

Images were shared on Facebook showing the moment Will discovered he’d shelled out more than £3,500 at the club on strippers.

But friends are determined to help him get the money back.

In a fundraising post entitled: “The Will Turton idiot fund,” organiser Dwain Byrne said: “Let’s all muck together and try to soften the blow to this young legend.”

Pictures of Will realising his mistake were posted online by Nathan Gregory, who wrote: “Public announcement, anyone feeling down? A bit rough from last night? Here’s something to cheer you up.

“A young Will Turton took part in a big boy stag do in Liverpool with Ryan Curtis and ended up in a strip club by himself at 4pm.

“Hours pass and he leaves the club roughly 1am feeling a bit worse for wear - turns out he’s been living it large like a young Pablo Escobar getting dances off two, three, four birds at a time.

“The best part, each girl for every 30 minutes is £120 racking up a grand total of £3500 what a life lesson, see below images of a young man’s soul leaving his body as he checks his online banking.”

Nathan’s post has racked up more than 16,000 likes and 9,000 shares.

The Sun reported that the spending spree only came to an end when his bank card was eventually declined.

Will told the newspaper: “I had no idea how much money I had actually spent. I hadn’t been keeping a tally.

“It was only when I got back to the hotel room and the lads told me to check my balance that it suddenly dawned on me.

“They keep telling me that I’m a legend — but it’s cost me £3,500.

“I’d pretty much saved up the deposit for my new car when I was invited to join the stag do. I didn’t think it would cost me that much — I certainly didn’t think it would end up setting me back £3,500. But now I’m back to square one.”

“Telling mum and dad was probably the worst bit of all. There’s not much they can do about it now. It’s happened hasn’t it.”

A post on the fundraising page said: “As a lot of might have seen a lad called William Turton did an extremely idiotic thing this weekend when playing out with the big boys

“He spent / lost his life savings of 3.5k on some strippers. As much as me and the lads want to laugh at him and we will ridicule him in the future I for one would be distraught at losing 3.5k as an 18 year old.”

“Be kind and contribute a little so this lads life isn’t ruined.”