Doncaster teen, 19, hits back at trolls over 'disgusting' relationship with partner, 42

A 19-year-old woman from Doncaster has hit back at online trolls who have called her relationship with a 42-year-old man ‘disgusting.’

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 9:28 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 9:29 am

Courtney Louise McVay took to social media to have a go at people criticising her relationship with her partner, who is 23 years her senior.

Trolls have called the two as the ''daughter and dad'' but she hit back in a video shared on TikTok and which has gone viral.

She said in the clip: ''As long as you are of legal age and it's not, say, 30-year-old with a 15-year-old, then it's fine.

Courtney Louise McVay has hit back at trolls blasting her relationship with a 42-year-old man. (Photo: TikTok/Courtney Louise McVay)

''You can't choose who you love - them feelings just come along.''

Hitting back at trolls who called their relationship ''disgusting'', Courtney said she had never expected to be in a relationship with a man much older than her.

''I didn't think that when I was turning nearly 20, that I was gonna be with a 42-year-old,” she said.

''It just comes along naturally.

''But for people to hate on other lasses is disgusting. And then people commenting ''daddy issues'' - no.

''I just love, I love the boy, well, the man. Personally, I think age is just a number once you hit that legal age.''

Sharing snaps of the two in a video, which has taken the internet by storm, Courtney wrote: ''Idc [I don't care] if i get hate [heart emoji] Love him more than life.''

With more than a whopping 1.6million views, the clip has gone viral, and has had countless of people sharing their thoughts.

One person wondered: ''Question is what would a 42 year old want with a 19 year old it’s just wrong.''

Another did some maths and realised: ''He was 23 when u were born......''

''I mean, when they’re old enough to be your Dad, something is a miss,'' a third wrote.

Nonetheless, despite the criticism, the age gap relationship also saw heaps of support by those who reminded Courtney to not listen to what trolls say.

''Age is just a number. If your happy and you’ve got what your heart wants. That’s all that matters,'' said a TikTok user.

''I always had a problem w [with] age gaps until I met my partner it's the happiest healthiest relationship I've ever been in glad ur [your] happy,'' read another positive comment.