Doncaster tattooist waives cost of woman's Manchester bee tattoo as she pledges £50 cost to terror attack victims

The customer had a bee tattoo inked on her wrist. (Photo: Jono Smith).
The customer had a bee tattoo inked on her wrist. (Photo: Jono Smith).

A Doncaster tattoo artist has waived the costs of a female customer's Manchester bee tattoo after she told him she was travelling to the bomb hit city this weekend to donate the cash to victims.

Customer Angie Walch walked into the Fade To Black tattoo studio in Rossington this morning and asked for tattoo artist Jono Smith to ink the city's bee logo onto her wrist.

He said: "She came through the door on the off chance I could tattoo a tribute Manchester Bee to pay her respects to the tragic lives lost in Manchester this week.

"I was so moved, I waived the cost of the tattoo."

He said that Mrs Walch, originally from Manchester and now living in Rossington, had family members near to Monday night's carnage.

He added: "Her cousin and niece were actually at the stadium and literally a stone's throw away from the actual explosion.

"She said they both saw a lot of the aftermath and things people shouldn't see. It has really hit home with her just how close her family came to being one of the fatalities.

In the wake of Monday's suicide bomb attack on an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in which 22 people died, tattoo artists across the globe have been busy inking the bee - the city's logo - onto people wanting to pay tribute.

Many tattooists are offering bee tattoos for £50 with profits going to helping the families of the victims.

The idea was launched by tattoo artist Sam Barber and has spread throughout the UK and beyond, with tattoo studios in Bristol, Glasgow, and Australia taking part.

The worker bee is a symbol of Manchester’s hard-working history, during the Industrial Revolution, and is part of its coat of arms.

In the 1800s, Manchester was full of textile mills that were often called ‘hives of activity’.

The workers inside were compared to bees, with the term ‘busy bee’ still being associated with hard work to this day.

Added Jono: "She is travelling to Manchester on Sunday to donate £50 for the tattoo and her own donation to the fund for the families."

"She's attending the Trafford Centre to donate money to the familes fund. So it's really personal to her."