'Doncaster stands with Ukraine,' says mayor as she blasts lies of Vladimir Putin

Doncaster mayor Ros Jones has said the town is united with Ukraine – as she blasted the lies of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

By Darren Burke
Saturday, 26th February 2022, 8:28 pm

She has condemned the invasion and says her sympathy goes out to the people of Ukraine.

In a statement on social media condemning the Russian invasion of the country last week, she said: “We have all seen over recent weeks and months the build-up of the Russian military on the Ukrainian border, with the Russian President stating on numerous occasions that there was no plan to invade Ukraine.

"The past few days has proved this to be nothing more than lies.

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Ros Jones says Doncaster stands united with Ukraine and against Russia.

“We are now seeing the return of war on the European continent, not seen in over 75 years.

“My sympathy goes out to the people of Ukraine.

“It’s the innocent men, women and children who will be the biggest victims of this war.

“I condemn the actions of Vladimir Putin and Russia, who have invaded a previously peaceful and democratic country.

“I trust that Western allies can find ways and means of freeing the people of Ukraine from this oppression, and that the people of Ukraine can once again enjoy the freedom that they deserve, away from tyranny and terror.

Doncaster stands with Ukraine during this difficult time, and anything that we think is difficult in this country pales into insignificance when you see what the people of Ukraine are now having to endure.

“We stand with Ukraine.”

Doncaster three MPs – Dame Rose Winterton (Labour), Ed Miliband (Labour) and Nick Fletcher (Conservative) have also condemned the invasion.