Doncaster pro-Europe campaigner blasts PM's 'hostile' and 'unpleasant' post Brexit immigration points plan

A Doncaster pro-Europe campaigner has blasted Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit immigration proposals – which could see the introduction of a points based system.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 20th February 2020, 10:11 am
Updated Thursday, 20th February 2020, 10:11 am

Giulia Savini, an Italian charity worker who moved to live and work in the UK eight years ago, says the Government’s plans, announced yesterday, as ‘totally unneccessary.’

The 30-year-old said: “When the new points-based immigration system was announced, initially it felt surreal.

“I have been living in this country for eight years now.

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Doncaster pro-Europe campaigner Giulia Savini.

“I have a masters degree in politics and I work full time for a national charity.

“I pay my taxes and I volunteer in my community. Yet this is not enough.

“I don’t have a PhD, I don’t earn £25,600, so for this Government I am not a “good immigrant” or “one of the brightest minds”.

“If this system had been introduced in 2012, the year I moved to the UK, I probably wouldn’t be here.

“This new system is totally unnecessary and only serves to create a very unpleasant hostile environment which sees immigrants as political pawns.

“We are more than that! We are your carers, your neighbours, your friends, your partners, your favourite restaurant staff, your nurses.”

Giulia, co-founder of pro-Europe Best For Doncaster and a prominent supporter of the European Movement, has previously revealed how she has been subjected to racist abuse, called a ‘f****** immigrant’ and is scared to take phone calls from her family on public transport in Doncaster since the town voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit.

Giulia, who lives in Town Moor, speaks fluent English but says that her Italian accent often makes her a target for abuse .

A former Labour Party campaigner, she says was called ‘a f****** immigrant” while campaigning on doorsteps.

“This guy heard my voice and I just heard him say ‘another f****** immigrant.’ There’s been a really hostile environment in Doncaster since the vote for Brexit.”

“I love Britain – I love everything about it – its culture, music, literature, people, the lot. But things have definitely changed over the last few years.”