Doncaster MP's Doctor Who speech turned into viral TikTok song

A theatrical duo turned a Doncaster MP’s controversial comments about Doctor Who and male role models into a viral musical ditty on TikTok.

By Beth Kirkbride
Sunday, 5th December 2021, 4:33 pm
Don Valley MP Nick Fletcher.

Don Valley MP Nick Fletcher has defended comments in which he appeared to link male crime rates with women filling TV and film roles, like that of the Doctor, which had previously been played by men - but not before his remarks were turned into a TikTok musical ditty.

The video is one in a series where Ryan Carey-Hills and Lauren Hendricks write songs about the week’s news and share them on the short-form video app.

The video titled ‘Weekly Round Up 42’ was posted on Sunday, November 28 to their account @careyhillsandhendricks, and made reference to recent remarks made by the Conservative MP for Don Valley, Nick Fletcher.

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In the video, the duo sang: “Naomi Campbell’s charity finances get checked through, MP has blamed male violence on the female Doctor Who.”

Their song references a speech made on International Men’s Day, where Nick Fletcher called for the need for more positive male role models for young boys.

He reflected on how male roles were being replaced in popular series such as Doctor Who by women - with Jodie Whitaker taking on the mantle of Doctor, and shooting scenes of the popular sci-fi series in Sheffield.

After he was criticised for the speech, Fletcher took to Twitter to insist he 'did not link Doctor Who being a woman to men committing crime'.

The video summarising the role model debacle amassed more than 33,700 likes and 237 comments, including one from a user who said: “These just get better. I never watch the news, I just wait for one of these to pop up instead.”

Ryan and Lauren are musical theatre writers from London, who started singing the news on Sunday, February 14 this year.

They have amassed over 106,300 followers on the app, and a total of 1.4million likes.

The controversy surrounding Mr Fletcher came just weeks after he was accused of faking constituency visits by sharing the same selfie photo of himself in Thorne three times.