Doncaster MP Caroline Flint sent a cheeky Tweet about naked Parliament protest – and everyone said the same thing

A saucy tweet from Doncaster MP Caroline Flint about a naked protest in Parliament went viral – and was met with a barrage of hilarious responses.

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 10:03 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 1:43 pm
Naked protesters storm Parliament. (Photo: Caroline Flint).

The Don Valley MP took to social media after a group of climate change protesters stripped off in the public gallery as MPs discussed options for Brexit in the House of Commons last night.

Sharing a picture of the intrepid group, who stripped down to their underwear, she wrote: “Meanwhile earlier it all went t*** up in the public gallery of the #HOC as naked climate change protestors showed some bare faced cheek.

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“Some seem to pretend to be super glued to the glass by their hands - thankfully - until a police officer pulled them off.”

And it was the MPs last line that had fellow Twitter users sniggering at the innuendo – although whether it was intended or not is not entirely clear.

James Marshall‏ replied: “Not a bad result for them, all told. Bit unprofessional from the officer. Hope he at least bought them a coffee.”

Jamie Dwan‏ responded: “Don’t think the police should be doing that in public.”

Another Twitter user ‘Marky’ wrote: “Very glad they weren't able to pass a motion..” while GingeBlakes added: “I think a Police officer pulling them off made it worse.”

Others sent the MP pictures of Carry On star Sid James performing his trademark dirty laugh, while others sent photos of Viz comic character Finbarr Saunders, known for his double entendres.

Chris Pierce wrote: “Did you notice a swing to the left?” while Twitter user The Politibot‏ wrote: “Pulled them off”? Very obliging officers in parliament.”

Dave Richardson‏ wrote: “Didn't realise Police were paid and trained to pull people off, might end up getting arrested tomorrow when i make my request.”

Andy Rice added: “What a description! #peakcarryonscript.”

Max Scott‏ tweeted: “In the case of the men that last term sounds a bit "Ooh - Err"...”

And Graham Love wrote: “Police officer should be disciplined for that!”

Meanwhile, fellow Doncaster MP Ed Miliband was also caught on camera taking in a good eyeful of the nude protesters.

The 12 protesters paraded in the gallery and pressed their mostly bare buttocks against security glass – with the ex-Labour leader caught on TV looking boggle-eyed at the Extinction Rebellion group,