Doncaster litter pickers remove a tonne of litter of the streets

A mass effort was taken to clean up the streets of Cantley by volunteers who want people to come together to improve the area.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 7:46 am
Updated Thursday, 20th June 2019, 2:30 pm
Group of litter pickers in Cantley.

Doncaster Round Table organised a community clean up on Saturday June 15 in association with Doncaster Council.

The clean up took place in Cantley with help from local Scouts group and St Hugh’s Church, with half time refreshments provided by St Hugh’s.

Lee Jackson one of the volunteers said: “To arrive at the meeting point and see volunteers arriving from so many different groups and all intent on a few hours of community service lifts the heart.

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Lee with pile of trash they collected.

The group consisted of both adults and some enthusiastic and inspiring children.

Doncaster Round Table, St Hugh’s Church, the local scout group, and local volunteers all came together to help clean up the streets and woodland around the Cantley suburb of Doncaster.

Over the course of three hours, over routes planned by community officer Liza Hunter, the group collected almost a ton of plastic bottles, cans, sweet and crisp packets, and other discarded letter.

“This is set against the fact that a good section of our community think it acceptable to simply dispense with their rubbish wherever they choose but there is merit and progress in people being willing to take the lead and show the way to others.

The tonne of trash.

“Throughout the morning and early afternoon we gathered almost a ton of rubbish from the streets with many words of thank you from local residents who clearly appreciated the effort,” Lee said.

Doncaster Round Table plans to introduce the initiative as a regular event and look forward to working with the council and local community groups to plan the next location.

Peter Caswell, Chairman of Doncaster Round Table said: “We were delighted to work alongside the community groups and the local borough to provide service to the community which is an important objective at the heart of our organisation.”

Founded in 1928 Doncaster Round Table is a business and social club that is part of an international network.The club meet regularly to participate in community, social and international activities.If you are interested in joining the group please contact Warren Roberts on 07775602927.

Litter pickers on the streets on Cantley.
Litter pickers.