Doncaster gardener stars on new BBC job swap show Call That Hard Work

A gardener at Doncaster’s historic Brodsworth Hall has become one of the stars of new BBC job swap show Call That Hard Work?

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 19th August 2020, 11:24 am

Dan Hale, head gardener at the English Heritage country mansion on the outskirts of Doncaster, was one of three people taking part in Monday’s episode of the new series which sees three people from different careers take on each other’s jobs.

A trio of people who are passionate and proud of what they do for a living compete to see whose job is the hardest.

For three days they immerse themselves in one another’s jobs, scoring them on three criteria: working conditions, mental demands and physical demands.

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Dan Hale stars in Call That Hard Work.

The person with the highest score and therefore the toughest job walks away with a prize of £1,000.

The show saw Dan go head to head with sausage factory supervisor Mica and bingo show host Rob in a bid to prove whose job is the hardest.

Dan has been keeping himself busy during lockdown as one of just three gardeners tending to the huge Brodsworth estate during the coronavirus shutdown.

The gardens and hall recently reopened to the public with a new one-way system in place with just a handful of staff kept on with others furloughed after lockdown was introduced.

Dan, along with garden supervisor and gardener Mick Grandy, planted more than 38,000 plants and flowers in just three weeks to help keeping the gardens blooming ahead of a return for visitors.

You can watch the episode on BBCiPlayer HERE and find out how he got on.