Doncaster firm launches fresh appeal to help Ukraine war refugees

A Doncaster firm has launched a fresh appeal to help refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 24th March 2022, 2:40 pm

National waste management company Go Green has already sent out supplies to Ukrainian refugees in Poland and has now created a video explaining how Doncaster people can do their bit to help.

One of the company’s employees, Aleksandra, originates from Poland and it was her who spearheaded the company’s initial relief efforts.

A spokesman said: “When the crisis in Ukraine happened, we felt that we wanted to support in any way we could.

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“Aleksandra was able to make direct contact with some refugee camps in Poland.

“With her support we managed to find out exactly what the camps were in need of, but also what the family members who were still fighting in Ukraine needed and ship these items directly across.”

In addition the firm paid for Aleks to go across to Poland and volunteer in the camps.

“The camps Aleks volunteered at were only small and not very well known,” the spokesman added.

Go Green is calling for more support for Ukraine refugees. (Photo: Getty).

"They are not getting any form of government financial support and because they are not very well known, the public donations they receive are minimal too.

"We feel it's crucial that small camps like these get the awareness that they so desperately need.

"We have put together a video to highlight the ongoing support these camps need, and Go Green are offering to facilitate any support that the public may want to give as we now have a direct line of communication with the camp.

You can contact Go Green HERE