Doncaster diet guru joins forces with council to stop illegal flytipper after rubbish row

A millionaire diet guru whose personal rubbish was illegally dumped in a Doncaster alleyway by a man she’d paid cash to dispose of it has joined forces with Doncaster Council to prevent a repeat.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, 9:19 am

Terri-Ann Nunns was left fuming after letters were among rubbish dumped in an alleyway in Wheatley over the weekend by a man she had paid £50 to take the rubbish to the tip.

In the end, she was left to clear the rubbish from the alleyway herself and she is now working with Doncaster Council to make sure the culprit is stopped.

She said: "I personally went to clean up the rubbish when I found out it it hadn’t been removed.

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Terri-Ann Nunns was forced to remove rubbish herself after it was dumped in an alleyway in Doncaster.

"I also contacted Doncaster Council myself to report it and report the person who took the rubbish for me.

"The council now have CCTV of the person and are trying to trace him as other people‘s rubbish was found alongside mine. I’m helping to get this person stopped.”

Doncaster Council has confirmed an investigation into the incident is under way.

Terri-Ann, who was recently moved to a new home in Scawthorpe, Doncaster, made her fortune by creating personalised diet plans and has appeared on TV.

Earlier this week, she said: “I’m absolutely fuming - I paid what I thought was someone who removed rubbish correctly.”

Concerns were raised by local residents after after piles of rubbish were found in alleyways between Woodhouse Road and Wentworth Road in Wheatley.

Residents contacted Terri after finding her name on letters in amongst the piles of trash with one saying: “It drives me mad as it seems to be a regular thing.”

In 2019, Terri-Ann and her family appeared on Channel 5 reality TV show Rich House, Poor House where two families from the same town from either side of the rich-poor divide swap lives to see how the other half lives.

She made her fortune by creating her own diet plan and become an internet sensation, pass on her diet tips which have helped her rake in £500,000 a year.

You can report incidents of flytipping in Doncaster HERE