Doncaster dad wins first pro-boxing fight after shedding five stones and depression battle

A Doncaster dad who battled with depression and turned his life around after shedding a whopping five stones has just won his first professional boxing match.

Saturday, 8th January 2022, 1:33 pm

Paul Clewes, who said his life had spiralled out of control after the deaths of his dad, best friend and grandad in the space of five years, has now turned his attentions to helping others who are also struggling with mental health, weight and health issues.

After losing five stones and becoming a pro-boxer, towards the end of last year he won his first professional fight at Barnsley Metrodome.

He said: “I struggled with my weight from childhood, but always I had a passion for boxing which really helped me stay focussed.

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Paul Clewes has slimmed down from 18.5 stones to become a professional boxer and help others battling depression and weight issues.

"That was until I lost my dad, best friend and grandad all in the space of five years. I didn’t realise until the last few years that the emotional trauma from my past had a major negative effect on my life.

"I was a father of two, battling depression, anxiety and completely out of control.

"I stopped boxing – the only thing that kept my life focussed and on track.

"I spiralled out of control, I started drinking, eating and making bad decisions.

"I was so unfit, so unhealthy and so overweight.”

Tipping the scales at 18.5 stone, he says he was so unfit, he couldn’t even play with his children without feeling out of breath.

“I couldn’t even run about without feeling like I was about to collapse,” he said. “I had hit rock bottom in all aspects of my life and I was so unhappy.

"I had tried so many times to get my mind and body back on track but each time I fell back into the same vicious cycle, until one day I woke up and looked at my children and thought to myself ‘I do not want to feel or look like this no more.’

"So I set myself a goal I was going to change my lifestyle – firstly I was going to change my diet, then I was going to get back into the gym and then I was going to restart boxing.

"I started successfully losing weight eating meals packed with protein, fats and reduced my carb intake. I also allowed myself a treat meal once a week.

"After a lot of trial and error, my weight dramatically reduced by five stones. I hadn’t just transformed my body but my mindset too, my anxiety and depression naturally subsided and I was more determined than ever to have a boxing career.”

In 2018, he joined top Yorkshire boxing club Micky’s Athletic Boxing and he added: “I was on a mission to achieve my life long goal and become a professional boxer.

"After maintaining my five stone loss, I got back in the ring after all those years out, I’m proud to say I won.

"I have trained and stayed on track with my eating plan and I am proud to say that in 2021 I signed as a professional boxer.

"Through determination, ambition, and never giving up on myself no matter how hard it was, I have managed to lose weight and fulfil my childhood dream.

"I believe anyone can achieve anything in life with the right help, support and inspiration.

"I wanted to share what I have learnt over the last few years and inspire men and women to make positive changes to their lives.

"I want people to read my story, see my transformation not just physically but mentally and be inspired to make changes not just to their food with my amazing weight loss plan but to completely change their lifestyle.”Paul has written a book about his experiences and created a diet and lifestyle plan, The Fighting Fit Plan, to help others.

Full details are available HERE