Doncaster church offers to clean up unruly gardens of people that need a little bit of assistance due to the pandemic

A project to help people who have suffered during the pandemic has been started by a Doncaster church who are helping people who have not been able to clean up their gardens over the Summer months.

By Laura Andrew
Thursday, 8th October 2020, 7:00 am

Many people have suffered during the last six months and that has meant chores like gardening have fallen to the wayside.

Which is why the Agape Life Chapel International Church has been volunteering to clean up gardens across Doncaster.

Kingsley Avagah, aged 43, from Mexborough is the pastor of the church, he said: “At the beginning of the pandemic we were focused on getting food parcels to people in need.

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A member of the church mowing the lawn of a Doncaster person in need.

“We noticed that many people who have been struggling either mentally or physically during the last six months have not been able to tend to their gardens.”

So far Kingsley and members of his church have cleaned up four gardens across Doncaster.

They have mowed lawns, weeded and cleaned up gardens that needed a bit of love.

One of the gardens that the church has helped already.

“It’s important that people live in a safe environment,” he continued.

“Many people who have suffered from things such as depression during this time simply have not been able to do tasks such as gardening.

“It may seem like a simple thing but the smiles that we have seen on the people’s faces that we have helped have been amazing.”

Kingsley Avagah meeting the Queen for his community work in Doncaster in 2018.

The social aspect of the project is just as important as many participants have been elderly or shielding which has led to loneliness.

The church has had funding from the National Lottery Project to provide this service to the Doncaster community and Kingsley hopes to help many more people.

If you or someone you know would like to get in touch to discuss the church helping a member of the Doncaster community in need you can call Kingsley on 07449318572.

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