Don Your Way: I've had my Covid vaccine - and no, Bill Gates is not controlling me!

Today I lined up with many other Doncaster folk to get my first shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

Tuesday, 16th February 2021, 4:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th February 2021, 4:19 pm

Yesterday, I received the invite from my GP and less than 24 hours later, I was rolling up my sleeve and being given my Covid-19 jab.

I know I might look older than my years, but I actually fall into that ‘people with underlying health conditions’ category, which is how I found myself at Rutland House on the edge of Doncaster town centre, being speedily processed and jabbed up with impressive haste and care.

The whole process was simple, straight forward, painless, hassle free and all done in less than 15 minutes.

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Darren Burke has had his Covid vaccine jab.

When you get your call for the vaccine, please take it.

I’m all for freedom of choice and totally understand if there's people out there for whatever reason that don’t want it.

But please, don’t believe the mumbo jumbo and claptrap that’s been flying around about it altering your DNA and it being used by Bill Gates to somehow track you.

The bonkers conspiracy types will no doubt rush to call me a sheep and post links to YouTube videos in the comments below about how I’m about to grow two heads or am now part of some New World Order programming and great reset.

Quite frankly, such planks can do one.

As a meme I saw the other day pronounced: “You’re not special, you’re not awake, you’re not enlightened, you’re not one of the few, you’re not an expert, you’re not an investigator – you just have internet access.”

We’ve all more than had enough of lockdowns, not being able to travel, not having a pint at the pub with mates and seeing our families – and if this is the way out of this misery, then so be it.

I’ve had flu jabs for years with no ill effects and I’m prepared to take my chances on this one too if it means a quicker return to normal life for all of us.

So please, take coronavirus seriously and get the jab.

Now, who needs updates installing on Windows, now I’ve got the power?