Don Your Way column: Let's not mention the C-word this Christmas

To say this year has been the toughest for all of us would be a massive understatement.

Tuesday, 22nd December 2020, 1:36 pm

There isn’t a single person whose life hasn’t been upended by the continuing global crisis that we’re all sadly going to have to contend with for some time to come yet.

Normally at this time of year, it’s a different type of C-word that gets people hot under the collar.

Thoughts of last minute present shopping, cooking a huge family dinner and all the stresses and strains of the festive period make the word ‘Christmas’ a no-go zone in many households.

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Don't mention the C-word this Christmas!

Sadly, this year, because of another C-word, Christmas just won’t be the same for many, many people.

Naturally, I don’t have to spell it out because it's a word you’ve heard non-stop throughout 2020, so for the sake of your sanity and mine, use of it is banned in this column.

Believe you me, there’s no-one more sick to death of writing about ‘that virus’ and the constant challenges it presents to us journalists each and every day.

We’ve had to contend with not seeing our family and friends, all against the backdrop of racing to bring you all the latest updates on perhaps the biggest news story of recent times.

It’s not been fun and I honestly wish we didn’t have to. It certainly gives me no pleasure in penning the same kind of stuff day after day.

Every journalist up and down the land will tell you the same. But it’s what we’re paid to do and we’ll keep doing, however arduous and miserable it might be.

It’s a tough call to see your work ripped apart day in day out by self-proclaimed experts and conspiracy types though, so please, share a little kindness before sharpening the knives to attack us every hour of every day.

We’re human and suffering just as much as the rest of you too.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas, please stay safe, follow the rules and guidance and hopefully we can all put this behind us sooner rather than later.

Best wishes to all readers for Christmas and the New Year.