Depression, bullying and domestic abuse - how Doncaster model turned life around to become a TV star

Crystal has endured a number of personal battles to become a TV star.
Crystal has endured a number of personal battles to become a TV star.

A Doncaster glamour model who is set to appear on two TV dating shows has battled depression, bullying, domestic abuse and time in care to turn her life around.

Crystal Foster, 21, is set for TV stardom next week when she appears on MTV's Single As F*** - with a further television appearance lined up on Channel 5's One Night With My Ex later this year.

But a lucrative TV in glamour modelling and appearing on the box is all a far cry from her early days growing up in Doncaster - which saw her contend with bullying, depression, domestic abuse and a string of other problems which led to her spending time in care.

Her PR spokesman Amanda Broadhead said: "Crystal had a very rocky start in life.

"She had a break down in the relationship with her mother, went on to struggle with depression and was placed under the care of social services.

"For a few years it was touch and go on where her life was going to lead her."

Despite having some major struggles earlier in life, being bullied in schools and constantly moving home, Crystal battled to make the most of a bad situation.

"At 16 she managed to secure her own flat and began life living on her own, in and out of small sales jobs," she added.

"Crystal always managed to pull through and keep her head above board."

But trouble returned three years ago when she turned 18 and became involved in an abusive relationship.

"This was another negative turn for Crystal," she said, "and left family and friends watching her deteriorate and struggle to deal with what she was coping with - the strains of a domestic relationship.

"As it became more and more obvious what was taking place, Crystal managed to remove herself from this situation and push for a better life.

In a matter of months, Crystal had entered Britain's Next Top Model and successfully made it to the final.

She left her full time job to persue her modelling career, has starred in music videos and is now set to appear on TV in Single AF as well as One Night With My Ex.

Added Amanda: "Watching Crystal's amazing transformation over the years has been truly inspiring. How did a girl with a tough start in life and even tougher teenage years, constantly struggling with depression and anxiety, battling everything life throws at her and come out winning?"

MTV's Single As F***, a new show following celebrities and media personalities - including singing duo Jedward - as they attempt to find love airs on October 24 at 9pm.

Her appearance on One Night with My Ex - which sees former couples spend the night alone in a luxury apartment and decide whether to get back together, or go their separate ways for good - will air on Channel 5 in the coming months.