Daters in Doncaster having sex more quickly because of Covid crisis, survey says

Doncaster couples first have sex after an average of three dates – and people in the town are jumping into bed quicker because of the Covid crisis, a survey has said.

Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 9:55 am

Eight out of ten daters in the town (81%) say they are likely to go to bed with someone they like more quickly as a result of the Covid crisis.

The fastest ‘conversion rate’ when a relationship is first consummated is when a couple meets through a dating site or app - just two dates on average before sex.

The second fastest way of having sex is when meeting a potential partner on holiday - with sex happening after 2.4 dates.

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People in Doncaster are having sex more quickly because of the Covid crisis, a survey says.

The third fastest way of ‘sealing the deal’ is by hooking up with someone in a pub or bar - with a score of 2.5 dates.

Just three years ago, Doncaster couples were waiting an average of four dates to have sex.

That has come down by 25% since 2018 as more people speed track sex by dating online.

The results were revealed in a new survey by the UK's leading affairs site.

The fourth quickest conversion rate was connecting with someone on social media (2.7 dates) and in fifth place was being set up by friends (3 dates).

The worst conversion rate of all is meeting a partner at work which takes ten dates on average before sex occurs.

This is because so many of us are working from home and many work colleagues are worried about HR issues if they sleep with a fellow employee.

The survey found that 57% of men and slightly fewer women (51%) would sleep with a new partner on a first date if they were strongly attracted to them.

Traditionally, there was a three date rule which said it was the optimum time to wait to have sex to boost the chances of a relationship succeeding.

But only 28% of men and a similar number of women 33% think the three-date rule still applies. sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni said: “Life’s too short to hang around when you meet someone you like.

“That is why many couples abandon the three date rule when the attraction is strong and jump into bed exactly when they feel like it - often on the first date.

“The Covid crisis has focused everyone’s minds and we are all living for the moment and enjoying life while we can.

“I expect these conversion rates to come down even further as we move to full freedom.”

How quickly will you have sex on the dating scene in Doncaster

1 Dating website or app - 2 dates

2 Holiday romance - 2.4 dates

3 Meeting in a pub or bar - 2.5 dates

4 Connecting with someone on social media - 2.7 dates

5 Set up by friends - 3 dates

6 Blind date - 3.2 dates

7 A chance encounter - 4 dates

8 Meeting through a hobby 5 dates

9 The gym - 6 dates

10 Meeting your partner at work - 10 dates