Businessman Eddie Todd tops Free Press Doncaster mayoral opinion poll

Eddie Todd.
Eddie Todd.

Local businessman Eddie Todd has topped an opinion poll on who voters would like to see as Doncaster's new elected mayor ahead of polling tomorrow.

The independent candidate topped our online vote asking readers who they would like to see take control as the town's new directly elected mayor.

Mr Todd grabbed almost 600 votes in our poll, putting him ahead of Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Steve Williams who grabbed runners-up spot with 460 votes.

Incumbent mayor and Labour candidate Ros Jones finished third in the poll, with just over 350 votes.

Chris Whitwood of the Yorkshire Party claimed fourth spot, while UKIP's Brian Whitmore and Conservative George Jabbour completed the rest of the field, with the Tory candidate claiming just 30 votes.

Voters will go to the polls for real tomorrow to choose Doncaster's new mayor, as well as councillors.