‘Business as usual’ for struggling Cooplands on social media

Cooplands, Silver Street. Picture: Andrew Roe
Cooplands, Silver Street. Picture: Andrew Roe

Struggling Doncaster baking firm Cooplands has shrugged off worries over its future by refusing to acknowledge its problems on social media.

Hundreds of jobs at the long-established firm are at risk with staff warned of redundancies.

Employees at Cooplands, which employs 750 staff, have been warned the firm is struggling and a business restructuring specialist has now taken over the bakery chain in a last ditch attempt to turn around its fortunes.

But the firm has taken a ‘business as usual’ approach on its social media platforms, using Facebook and Twitter to continue promoting its products.

The firm’s @Cooplands Twitter account has been used to sell tuna sandwiches, breakfast pasties and meal deals this morning with no reference to the clouds hanging over the firm.

The baking firm’s Facebook page also includes photos of its latest deals this morning.

However, staff have been warned that jobs could be lost across all areas of the business and if a rescue package is not put together the company could close.

Cooplands employs 550 staff across its 88 Yorkshire branches as well as a further 200 at its Doncaster head office in Wharf Road.

Yesterday, the Free Press exclusively revealed the firm’s troubles.

A letter to staff says the company lost money last year and has continued to see a decline in sales.

It says: “We have all worked hard over the last 12 months to try and stem the losses but unfortunately everybody’s efforts have been in vain.

“Unfortunately the result of this is that the business cannot sustain its current cost base and this has an impact on the number of employees that we can employ in the foreseeable future.

“Regrettably we now therefore have to consider the loss of job roles across all areas of the business.”

A member of staff who did not want to be named said: “We have been told that the first redundancies will be on about March 3.

“It’s all been hushed up. You can’t get jobs in Doncaster now and there’s going to be over 600 people looking for jobs at once.”

Another added: “We’ve been told that the shops will close or be kept part open. Some shops are 100 per cent closing, but we don’t know which ones.

Despite several phone calls to Cooplands and visits to it head office Cooplands refused to comment.

Mark Supperstone, a partner at Resolve, also declined to comment.

The firm was established in Doncaster in 1932.