Angry Doncaster mum keeps daughter out of Doncaster school over tight trousers row

An angry Doncaster mum is keeping her daughter away from school following a row about ‘too tight’ trousers.

Saturday, 18th September 2021, 11:28 am

Lucy Ann Evans, a year 10 pupil at Campsmount Academy, has been told her skinny-fit trousers are ‘inapproriate’ for school and she has been told to return wearing a loose fit pair instead, as per the school’s uniform rules.

But fuming mum Nicola has vowed to keep her daughter away from the classroom and is backing her stance to be able to wear tight fitting trousers to school.

She said: “My daughter’s uniform is deemed inappropriate for school.

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Lucy Ann Evans was told that her trousers are too tight.

“Lucy has been told she has until Monday to change them but she will not return to school in different trousers as she doesn't want to wear loose fitting trousers.

"I am supporting her decision as I feel this uniform is appropriate. School do have their own school skirts but Lucy does not wish to wear these.”

She added: “Lucy has also been threatened with isolation as a result of her trousers. I further have a voicemail from school stating there is nothing wrong with her trousers from that teacher’s perspective but uniform policy says they need to be loose fitting.”

A message sent to Mrs Evans and seen by the Free Press, says the tight-fitting trousers violate the school's rules and said: “Our uniform policy has become more stringent compared to last year.

"Due to us not dealing with COVID as much, we have the capacity to challenge uniform.

“Unfortunately, our deputy principals have deemed Lucy's trousers "fitted". So, these will need changing for next week to a trouser that is less tight fitting.

“I understand different places of work may have different uniform polices to schools and I totally understand this

“However, it does state in our Campsmount uniform policy that tight fitted trousers are not allowed.

“I have given Lucy till Monday to address the trousers.”

The school’s website states: “Trousers should be plain black and should not be jean-type material. A helpful description would be 'suit-type material'. If trousers have 'studs' on, they will deemed to be jeans.

“They should be loose fitting and should not be 'skinny-fit'.

Added Mrs Evans: “I really worry what schools are doing to families.

"I am lucky enough to not be on a low income but really worry about schools expectations and how some parents are having to go into food/heating budgets for things like this.

“I wonder what school are doing for larger girls and boys as loose fitting trousers will not be loose for them.

"I imagine addressing this could really impact their confidence and self esteem and mental health, particularly if they have issues with weight.”

It is the latest in a number of school uniform rows involving pupils at Doncaster schools.