Affairs boom in Doncaster as couples copy stars of hit BBC TV show Cheaters

Affairs in Doncaster are booming as straying couples copy the stars of the hit BBC1 show Cheaters, a new study has revealed.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 1:13 pm

The ten most popular reasons for affairs in Doncaster have been revealed - and they match the behaviour of the fictional stars of the show.

Women say the number one reason they cheat on a partner is because they are unhappy with sex at home - just like travel writer Fola in the TV comedy.

Booze is the main cause of male cheating with men saying they are most likely to stray when they are drunk - mirroring the actions of music producer Josh in Cheaters.

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Fola and Josh in bed in BBC's Cheaters. (Photo: BBC).

The results from a survey were revealed by adultery site as new figures showed that affairs are booming in Doncaster as we finally return to normal after two years of the pandemic.

Activity on affairs sites is finally exceeding pre-Covid levels and there has been a 27% rise in cheating this year.

The second most common reason for women cheating was because they were drunk and an opportunity arose.

Women are more likely to actively seek new affairs online and that was the third most common reason for females straying.

In fourth place on the female list was the need for a change and fifth place went to an office romance.

Mismatched libidos was the second most common cause of male cheating - with lots of cheaters saying they want more sex than their lover at home.

In third place on the male list was boredom which comes from having sex with the same person all the time.

The need to turn over a new leaf at the start of the year was fourth on the male list and fifth place went to the office romance.

Jessicia Leoni, sex and relationship expert at, the UK’s leading affairs site, said: “Cheating is booming in Doncaster as we finally return to normal after two years of hell.

“For the first time in two years, affairs activity is exceeding pre-Covid levels as cheaters make up for lost time by seeing someone new.

“The antics of Josh and Fola on Cheaters will resonate with lots of people who have ended up in bed with a stranger when they were boozing.

“Like the couple in the show, lots of cheaters get a taste for affairs once they have taken the plunge.”

BBC1’s Cheaters tells the story of a couple, both with partners, who have sex while on a trip to Finland when their flight home is cancelled and they get drunk in a bar.

Josh’s PE teacher girlfriend had slept with another woman and this was his revenge.

Fola’s husband had not had sex with her for a year, despite her best efforts, and he has resorted to taking Viagra to get things going again.

Josh, played by Joshua McGuire, and Fola (Susan Wokoma) thought the fling in Finland was a one-night stand till they discover that she has moved into a new house over the road from him.

Cheaters is running over 18 episodes in ten minute slots - it kicked off last week on BBC1 and all the episodes are on the i-player.

Ten most common reasons why women cheat

1 Sex is bad at home

2 I was drunk

3 I went looking for excitement online

4 I fancied a change

5 Met someone at work

6 Mismatched libido with partner

7 Stranger came on to me

8 Revenge for my partner cheating

9 Monogamy is unnatural

10 New Year, new me!

Ten most common reasons why men cheat

1 I was drunk and a chance came up

2 I want sex more than my partner

3 I get bored with sex with the same person

4 New Year, new me!

5 Met someone I liked at work

6 My friends were cheating, too, and I decided to give it a try

7 Revenge cheating

8 I went online looking for fun

9 Life’s too short to stick with one partner

10 I like adding to my total of partners and keep a tally