£45 an hour NAKED cleaners sought in Doncaster as firm launches fresh recruitment drive

Naked cleaners prepared to clean Doncaster homes totally nude for £45 an hour are being sought – as a naked cleaning firm launches a fresh recruitment drive.

London-based Naturist Cleaners is once again scouring the UK for people to work part-time, cleaning people’s houses wearing no clothes.

The advert for Naturist Cleaners. (Photo: Facebook)

The advert for Naturist Cleaners. (Photo: Facebook)

The firm says body size, shape and age are irrelevant but prices start at £45 an hour for nude cleaners, or £25 an hour for a fully-clothed cleaner.

On it's Facebook page the company says: "Naturist Cleaners is a professional cleaning service provider with naturist beliefs.

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"We are a highly committed company with a team of skilled staff. Confidentiality of our clients and cleaners is our top priority.

"With our high-quality service, personalised cleaner availability, and professionalism, you will not be disappointed. Our workers are our greatest assets.

"We empower our cleaners to take ownership of each and every cleaning project they undertake so that the best results are achieved.

"If you’re in need of a trustworthy and forward-thinking nude cleaning enterprise get in touch with the Naturist Cleaners."

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The naturist cleaning firm wants people to clean houses up and down the country totally starkers.

The business began in London four years ago and is now expanding outside the capital. The firm has made several previous recruitment drives for naked cleaners.

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Bosses insist there’s nothing smutty about it – and that there is absolutely no sexual element either.

But the clients are almost certain to be clothes-free. 

Find out more at: naturistcleaners.co.uk