‘People were fainting and being carried out on stretchers:’ Dome bosses deny overcrowding at Doncaster Slash concert

Bosses at a Doncaster concert venue have denied claims of overcrowding at a concert by Guns ‘n’ Roses legend Slash after reports of crushing and people fainting and being carried out on stretchers.

Thursday, 21st February 2019, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 11:02 am
Rock legend Slash appeared at The Dome.

The rock legend appeared at the venue on Tuesday night along with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators – but one fan has blasted safety measures at The Dome describing the event as “a complete joke.”

Music lover Richard Harrison said he felt ‘in danger’ at the show and that medical staff looked ‘rushed off their feet’ as they struggled to cope with people passing out at the concert.

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Rock legend Slash appeared at The Dome.

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But The Dome has hit back at the accusations and said that the venue was actually under capacity for the music icon.

In a lengthy email sent to Dome bosses, Mr Harrison said: “I attended the Slash gig and was bitterly disappointed with the organisation, overcrowding and lack of action taken by the security there.

“I have attended hundreds of gigs over the last thirty years and never felt at danger or so disappointed at not even being able to get in to the arena where the music was taking place.

The Dome has said that the venue was under capacity for the show.

“We didn't arrive late, but when we got to the main stage area we couldn't get through the door, there was literally people wedged in and spilling out in to the corridors.

“There was many people complaining to the security on the doors, but they just look bewildered and didn't know what action to take.

“There didn't seem to be a supervisor in charge which just became a farce with people even leaving with the gig not five minutes in.

“We saw people having to be taken out on stretchers, people fainting, the poor ambulance people looked rushed off their feet, they have my respect for the hard work they were carrying out.

“Myself and my wife tried both entrances but basically had to stand at the door to hear the music and only catch glimpses of the band.

“This is not my first gig at the Dome and previously have had not complaints, usually there is a corridor of space at the back so you can get in and out and easy access to toilets and for drinks at the bar.

“It was a complete joke, people were tripping up to get through doors, sitting and standing in corridors because of the heat in the main area was unbearable.

“Am sure this will not be the only complaint you receive, as hundreds left well before the end all complaining about how dangerous it was and that there was far too many people crammed in to the main stage area.  If any issues, such as a fight a fire in the main area, there would have been danger to life as the security staff had difficulty just getting to the room never mind getting to the issue.

“Concerts are not cheap these days and too be honest I may have well stayed at home and listened to the music on my stereo for the enjoyment I got from being there, which is the first time I have had to say that.

“I hope this email finds whoever is responsible at the Doncaster Dome as finding an email for anyone there is a task in itself. Obviously nobody wants to hear of complaints or dissatisfied customers.”

Chris Hone, head of commercial development at Doncaster Dome, said: “We can assure customers that all of the measures to meet public safety standards were in place for the Slash gig on February 19.

“The Dome hosts hundreds of events each year and takes its responsibility very seriously. 

“We can confirm that the venue was under maximum capacity for the event.

“We welcome feedback and always review processes after events to ensure that we are providing the best possible service for our customers.”