People ignoring advice on STIs, says Isle doctor

Dr Richard Falk
Dr Richard Falk

An Isle doctor claims too many people are ignoring warnings about unsafe sex after it emerged more than 800 people in the region were diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) last year.

Figures released by Public Health England revealed there were 857 people diagnosed with an STI across North Lincolnshire in 2012, including 387 for Chlamydia. There was also 212 people treated for warts and 105 had herpes.

Dr Richard Falk, of South Axholme Practise in Epworth, raised concerns this week that not enough people were listening to NHS safe sex advice.

He said: ”There are still too many cases of STIs and it remains a significant local health issue.

“I think there is a complacency that ‘it won’t happen to me’. Chlamydia is often asymptomatic and cause infertility in females. People should know their partner, not be promiscuous and use condoms.

“It is difficult to see what more the NHS can do. Just like smoking, the message is out there but the public seems to ignore the advice.”

However, North Lincolnshire had the lowest figure in all the 15 upper tier and unitary authorities across Yorkshire and the Humber.