Payouts halved as free parking axed

MAXiMUM redundancy payments to Doncaster Council staff are to be slashed by 50 per cent.

A behind-closed-doors council meeting approved proposals to cut the maximum pay-off to staff who lose their jobs from 60 weeks’ pay to 30 weeks.

A decision on other elements of staff pay and conditions was deferred. The council has denied claims this could mean 20 per cent pay cuts.

The council, which is looking at compulsory redundancies after around 700 workers left voluntarily, is forced with making £71 million of savings.

Rob Vincent, chief executive, said: “We are looking at a broad list of possible areas where we could make changes to terms and conditions of employment, however there are no plans for implementing them all.

“To say that staff will all face cuts of 20 per cent is just not accurate. It is right that we consider modernising our terms and conditions as it may be a way of avoiding some compulsory redundancies.

The meeting also approved plans to ditch Doncaster Council staff’s free parking spaces.

The move will affect 118 staff who use cars for their job.

People earning over £41,616 would be £700 a year worse off under the approved plan. Others earning less than would have to pay £500 which would be funded through wage deductions.