Parents' last-ditch effort to find son

THE FATHER of missing teenager Andrew Gosden says a church service to mark the first anniversary of his disappearance will be a final major push for publicity.

Almost 100 people from the town - including several of Andrew's classmates from McAuley Catholic High School - are due to travel to London on Sunday for a short service at St James' Church in Piccadilly.

His parents will go armed with 15,000 leaflets to distribute on the streets of the capital in another desperate attempt to raise awareness of their son's disappearance.

But Kevin, of Littlemoor Lane in Balby, has conceded that the event may prove to be a watershed moment in the search for the youngster.

He said: "In practical terms it becomes more difficult because we don't know what he's done with his hair and appearance.

"For ourselves there has to be an element of closure - knowing that we've done the best for him and we've done everything we can think of.

As sad as it is, you have to move on with your own life.

"We've pretty much decided to make this the last big push for publicity.

"It's going to be a strange day on Sunday," he added. "At least being busy will keep our minds busy too.

"The response we've had has been brilliant. So many people have been willing to help out and that's been lovely. We've had lots of messages of support and donations so it's been really positive."

Andrew, who was 14 when he went missing, bought a one-way train ticket to London on September 14 last year. His image was caught on CCTV as he left King's Cross Station - but there have been no more recorded sightings of him since.

"Andrew's been lost in a physical sense and in many ways we've all got a bit lost," said Kevin, whose despair over the situation led him to attempt suicide in December. "It's had a huge impact on our family life

and it's just been the most difficult year of our lives.

"September 14 last year is still crystal clear in our brains - and we're still just as baffled now as to why he went. It was just totally out of the blue.

"You start out thinking he'll be back later, maybe he's gone for the weekend, then it's a week, then months and then you're wondering whether he'll be back for Christmas.

"It's just kept rolling on and you never imagine you are going to be in this position a year later."

Anyone interested in travelling to London on one of the coaches, or making a donation to the cost of travel, should email

Anyone with information about Andrew's whereabouts should contact the NPIA Missing Person's Bureau on 0808 100 8777 or Missing People on 0500 700 700.