Paranormal investigators encounter 'ghost' of policeman in abandoned Doncaster railway tunnel

A trio of female paranormal investigators say they were left ‘freaked out’ after encountering what they say was the ghost of a policeman in an abandoned Doncaster railway tunnel.

Monday, 30th September 2019, 1:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 1:29 pm
The team say they saw a ghost at Cadeby Tunnel.

The three say they were left shaking after encountering the apparition which they say shone a torch in their faces before totally vanishing at Cadeby Tunnel – a popular haunt for paranormal investigators.

The trio – Charlene, Chrissie and Aimee from Facebook ghost investigation group Paranormal Hauntings – were exploring the abandoned train tunnel near Conisbrough and Cadeby which has been the scene of a number of reported ghostly sightings over the years, earlier this month.

And the group are now appealing for others who may have seen the ghost to come forward with details of sightings.

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The sighting took place at Cadeby Tunnel.

Spokesman Charlene Lowe Kemp said: “We were left shaking. We were freaked out by what we saw.”

The group were live streaming their investigation at the tunnel - which dates from the 1890s and was last used in 1975 – on Facebook but missed out capturing their encounter on camera.

Explained Charlene: “I heard footsteps and then there was a really bright torchlight in our faces and a male voice shouting “South Yorkshire Police” at us.”

One of the trio challenged the officer for ID – but the group then say the ‘policeman’ vanished into thin air.

“He just disappeared,” she said. “There were no footsteps walking away, the light disappeared and there was no running noises, no sounds from the bushes at all.

“He just simply vanished and we were all freaked out.

“I think I’ve seen my first ghost,” she said.

“We would have heard him,” she added. “Whoever it was, he just vanished. Where did he go?”

“If it had been the police, he’d have come up to us and declared himself. I don’t think it was a real person.”

“We can’t explain it. We’d love to know if other people have seen or heard anything at Cadeby Tunnel.”