Paramedics reveal their worst time-wasting offences

Is it an emergency?
Is it an emergency?

East Midlands Ambulance Service (MEAS) - which covers the Isle - has revealed its worst examples of time-wasting patients as it is announced this week that pressure on the service leaves it in chronic debt.

Our paramedics receive thousands of hoax calls each year in the East Midlands - cumulatively 29,874 from 2011-2015.

But this list revealed in a Freedom of Information request sent to the service in December includes 10 examples of genuine 999 call-outs which were deemed to be non-emergencies.

10. A broken toe nail

9. A moth was in a patient’s ear

8. There was a dead cat outside their house

7. Someone had dropped their keys down a drain

6. A hamster had bitten somebody’s finger

5. A broken finger nail, which had been swallowed and concern was raised as to whether the patient would choke

4. Woman late having a period

3. Milk had gone past its sell-by date

2. Patient wanting to be carried upstairs because their stair lift was broken

1. Popcorn being stuck in-between teeth

Source: EMAS Freedom of Information disclosure log (EMAS stressed it takes all call-outs seriously).