Pants prank blamed for damage at Doncaster Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium

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A MINDLESS yob whose discarded underpants caused damage to Doncaster Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium is being sought by club officials.

The club has hit out after the prank flooded out toilets and then spread to a downstairs bar following Saturday’s game against local rivals Scunthorpe United at the stadium.

The damage happened in the West Stand - a home supporters’ area - after the pair of boxer shorts was shoved inside a toilet cistern during or after Rovers’ 4-0 win.

A club statement said: “This sort of vandalism costs the club money that could be used on the playing budget, both from repairs and the cost of the wasted water. It is your stadium and club - please look after it.”

The problem came to light at about 5.30pm on Saturday when staff and customers in the Belle Vue Bar beneath the Keepmoat’s West Stand spotted water pouring through the ceiling from the South Stand end of the concourse.

Investigations discovered a toilet directly above the bar had been deliberately vandalised by a Rovers fan with the underwear used to tie up the cistern, preventing it from working properly and sparking the flood.

A spokesman said the cost was still being calculated and added: “The water kept running and overflowed leading to flooding of the bar below.”

Electricians, plumbers and structural experts were called in to assess the damage, discovered after the majority of supporters had left the stadium.

The vandalism is the latest in a string of incidents involving Rovers supporters this season.

Five fans were banned after a brawl at Hartlepool and toilets at Leyton Orient were daubed with human excrement.