Pair jailed for violent attack on Doncaster mum in front of her 'hysterical' children

A man and woman have been jailed for five years for a Doncaster home invasion, during which they beat a young mum in front of her terrified children.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 4:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th July 2018, 6:24 pm
A man and woman have been jailed for five years for a Doncaster home invasion, during which they beat a young mum in front of her terrified children.

The terrifying incident took place just before 11pm on May 6 this year, when defendant, Daniel Atkins, let himself into a Doncaster woman's property as she was running a bath upstairs, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

"She found Atkins walking towards the bathroom. She asked him how he got in, and he said through a window. Atkins said: 'Give it up,' which she took to mean he wanted money," Alisha Kaye, prosecuting, told the court.

The woman went downstairs to check on her children. 21-year-old Atkins followed her downstairs, before letting his accomplice, Natasha Stokley, in through the front door.

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"Atkins pulled a knife out from his trousers, held it in front of him and kept asking the woman to 'give it up'.

"Stokley went towards the complainant and slapped her. Both seemed to be under the influence of drugs," Ms Kaye said, adding: "Stokley grabbed hold of the complainant by the throat. She tried to kick her away, but Stokley grabbed her again and dragged her to the floor.

"The children were present and were watching this and screaming hysterically. Atkins started waving the knife in front of the complainant."

Stokley, 32, later attempted to comfort the children, and told them that 'everything would be alright as long as they didn't call the police'.

Atkins and Stokley, both of Berwick Way, Intake, Doncaster, left the property a short time later.

The woman was left with scratches to her face, bleeding to her right ear where her earring had been ripped out

When interviewed by the police later that month, Atkins denied going to the property, while Stokley said she had known the complainant for years and had been told she was dealing drugs.

She claimed she did not know Atkins had brought a knife to the property.

Stokley pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and Atkins pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and possession of an offensive weapon at an earlier hearing.

Defending Stokley, Andrea Parnham, told the court that Stokley's offending had been motivated by her addiction to Class A drugs and her offending had already resulted in her losing her job as a carer.

Christopher Moran, defending Atkins, told the court: "He's finding it difficult because his father has just been diagnosed with cancer, and he and his girlfriend were planning on moving in together, and he knows the effect his prison sentence will have on both of them."

Judge Peter Kelson QC sentenced Atkins and Stokley to five years in prison each.

*South Yorkshire Police have been asked to provide a picture of Stokley and Atkins