Owners of one of Doncaster '˜smelliest sites' applies to extend waste storage time

A quarry branded one of Doncaster's '˜smelliest sites' has applied to continue store waste despite being told they need to move it on.Â

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th October 2018, 3:52 pm
Updated Saturday, 13th October 2018, 6:34 am
Pictured in 2011 - stockpiles of Sterefibre - a compost-like substance stockpiled at Hazel Lane Quarry in Hampole, Doncaster. Picture: Chris Lawton.

Catplant Quarry Ltd, wants permission to retain a purpose built storage pad for stockpiling Sterefibre for a temporary period of six years to allow time for it to be removed from site. 

The site has come under heavy criticism for a number of years with residents continuously complaining about the smell in nearby villages of Hampole and Skelbrooke.

The owners of the Hazel Lane landfill site in Hampole were told in 2015 they must move the compost-like substance following a deluge of complaints. 

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A latest survey estimates there is around 30,000 to 33,000 tonnes of Sterefibre still left on the site.

Planning chiefs on Doncaster Council are recommending councillors pass the proposal on the strict condition the firm removes 16,000 tonnes of waste in two years. 

Hampole & Skelbrooke Parish Council reiterated residents have been '˜extremely frustrated' over the last ten years. 

A representation to Doncaster Council outlines their objection to the plan adding their concerns the waste will be left on site longer than six years. 

The operation from the quarry itself was subject to a public enquiry after the site owners launched a number of appeals to carry on stockpiling the waste following rebuttals from council chiefs. 

But the quarry bosses later dropped the appeals and the public enquiry was no longer needed.   

The application '“ which will be discussed at a planning committee meeting next week '“ has been launched to '˜temporarily regularise the ongoing breach of planning control'. 

It's hoped this '˜will afford the landowner time' to continue to fund the removal of waste from its unauthorised position.

The applicant has reiterated the use of a waste transfer station is '˜not being sought' and '˜no further Sterefibre will be brought onto the site'. 

Documents the firm has found a new location to take the waste and since the removals of began, there hasn't been a odour complaint for two months. 

The Hazel Lane site began to be used for storing a Sterefibre in 2010 - a material which was produced by now defunct Rotherham firm Sterecycle.

A Government planning inspector decided the use of the Hazel Lane Quarry was '˜not appropriate' for storing the waste because it was on Greenbelt land.

Doncaster Council planning officer Roy Sykes, said: 'Officers remain concerned with the six year temporary period applied. Two years are needed to remove half of the SF stockpile - leaving four years to remove the remaining amount.

'Conditions are recommended to ensure that the proposal has a reduced time limit of three years and another condition to ensure that at least 16,000 tonnes of SF are removed within two years.

'These conditions are considered to be reasonable, necessary, enforceable and relevant both to the site and in planning terms - and will ensure that the proposal does not persist for any longer than is required in the interest of protecting the Green Belt.