Owners of child carrier warned over safety fears

Poco AG
Poco AG

The manufacturer of a child carrier have advised owners to inspect their products for a possible buckle failure hazard.

Osprey Europe has reported that some models of the Poco AG Child Carrier may be prone to the failure of the buckle, which presents the risk of physical injury.

If the label has a red dot, it has been inspected and is safe to use.

If the label has a red dot, it has been inspected and is safe to use.

The affected range of carriers is limited to the Poco AG models (Poco AG Premium, Poco AG Plus and Poco AG), purchased from 29 January 2016.

All other Poco models (i.e. NON Poco AG) sold between 2012 and January 2016 are not affected.

Osprey Europe have advised owners of any Poco AG product to immediately stop using it and inspect the carrier.

If a defective buckle is found the carrier should NOT be used - instead, call: +44 (0) 1202 946 444 or email the company at:poco@ospreyeurope.com

Poco AG models bought after 12 May 2016 have been inspected by Osprey and are safe to use.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer said: “Osprey Europe would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused, but product safety is our primary concern.”

A video showing how to check the product is available on the Osprey website via: http://www.ospreyeurope.com/gb_en/pococheck