Owner of pregnant dog stolen in South Yorkshire fears family was 'watched'

Have you seen Ronnie?
Have you seen Ronnie?

The owner of a dog expecting a litter of eight or nine pups fears her family was 'watched' and that the theft was planned.

Jodie Race, aged 24, was only out of her house for around three minutes when it was broken into and her white French bulldog, Ronnie, was snatched.

The culprit forced their way into the house in Fair View Avenue, Woodlands, between 1.15pm and 1.30pm yesterday.

Ronnie, who is expecting her pups over the next two weeks, needs a caesarian section to deliver her litter, leaving her owner Jodie fearful for her health and that of the pups.

South Yorkshire Police also believe the dog was targeted, with nothing else stolen during the burglary.

Jodie, a mum of two, said: "It is scary to think that we must have been getting watched because I had only been out of the house for three minutes when it was broken into.

"Everyone has been brilliant and have been sharing pictures of Ronnie on Facebook and Twitter to make it as hard as possible for whoever did this to get away with it.

"It has been shared over 12,000 times already.

"I am worried because she needs a caesarian and could easily go into labour early if she is frightened.

"I am also worried about what they will do with Ronnie once she has the pups - will they just kill her? I just want her home where she belongs."

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "It is reported that persons unknown took the pregnant white French bulldog, called Ronnie, by forcing entry to the rear of a property in Fair View Avenue.

"It is thought this may have been a targeted burglary for the dog, as no efforts were made to take anything else from the property.

"Ronnie’s owners are understandably distressed and want to hear from anyone who may know where she is.

"Have you seen Ronnie? Did you see anyone in the Woodlands area yesterday afternoon with a French bulldog matching Ronnie’s description?"

Call South Yorkshire Police on 101.