Out of date beer warning

Barnsley Council Regulatory Services believes that thousands of cans of beer and lager which have illegally had durability dates changed could be on sale in shops and off licences in the area.

People who have bought any Guinness Draught 440ml or Carlsberg Lager 500ml cans in the past few weeks are urged to check the information on them. The beer can be identified by its durability date and the can code on the side of the can. The can code information appears in a small silver box near the base of the can. The illegal beer has the following information: Guinness: 24/06/12 Can code: W0EM17B; Carlsberg 17/06/12 Can code: S2RL11A;: S1RL11A. The beer in question appears to have gone out of date and then had a new date applied to it. No other Guinness and Carlsberg products are known to have been affected. If you have a can bearing the above information you are urged to contact Regulatory Services on 01226 772468.

Coun Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson, Development, Environment and Culture (Operations), said: “Consumers have the right to get what they pay for and changing the durability dates on products is simply unacceptable, as well as illegal. I hope that people will check their cans and get in touch if they have been affected.”