Who are these so called experts?

I read with some dismay recently, the latest attempt by the usual collection of interfering busybodies as to what we should and shouldn't be eating.

Monday, 12th August 2019, 9:39 am
Updated Thursday, 15th August 2019, 9:06 pm
Action on sugar have been lobbying to try and force manufacturers to lower levels of sugar and salt in our food.Action on sugar

Public pressure groups, such as 'Action on Sugar' and 'Action on Salt', have been lobbying our government to try and get them to force manufacturers to lower levels of sugar and salt in our food.

Not content with the phony argument over sugar in our fizzy drinks, they have now moved onto our food, which was inevitable.

Has anyone asked just who these people are, who is funding and controlling them and for what purpose?

The collection of so-called 'experts' seem to think they have a right to decide for us what we should be consuming, without actually bothering to ask us for our permission.

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I can tell you that as with most, if not all public action groups, they are all controlled either by corporations or the government itself.

There are many cases of government-funded quangos paid to lobby the government, but giving the impression they are fighting some sort of crusade for us.

The anti-sugar lobby has succeeded in poisoning the nation with artificial sweeteners such as 'aspartame', which is being investigated again right now by the EU on safety grounds.

People need to question the motives of total strangers and ask just why they seem so bothered about what we do.

Andrew Ashmore

By email