"We need a leader that will stand up to the EU"

The upcoming Conservative leadership race will be very interesting if the Tory party is anything to go by. Most of the candidates should not be even considered, they are constantly preaching about another referendum against the will of the people which is totally undemocratic.

Thursday, 6th June 2019, 11:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 3:06 pm
Donald Trump smiling Photo: HENRY NICHOLLS/AFP/Getty Images

Everyone had the opportunity vote but the remainers want a re-run because they lost and have never stopped crying for another referendum, then what?

If they get a majority will the Brexiteers then be able to object to the result and demand another referendum? I can just hear them screaming NO NO NO.

I only hope that the MPs do not elect Jeremy Hunt as leader, the people should never trust him again after his near destruction of the NHS.

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From him getting the Health Secretary's job, we went from being able to phone up and get a GP appointment on the day, and now we are lucky if we are able to see a doctor in a week. All this happened on Jeremy Hunt's watch.

It is no good the Conservative shouting about how much extra money they have poured into the NHS, we have heard all this before, it is just money they have with-held from them since they came to power.

We need a leader that is strong enough to stand up to the EU, not someone who will sit with the EU and agree to what-ever the European negotiators say.

Trump has finally said something right, If you don't get a reasonable deal “walk away”, one of the candidates with enough backbone to do the right thing is Sajid Javid, most of the others are too undemocratic to even be an MP. It appears that a lot of MP,s do not even know the meaning of Democratic.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster