Visiting nan’s house in Sheffield is one of my favourite things

Matt Sabzevari at Bramall Lane
Matt Sabzevari at Bramall Lane

Mattine Sabzevari is General Manager at the four-star Copthorne Hotel Sheffield, which is also home to the award winning 18 Fifty 5 Restaurant.

The Copthorne Hotel Sheffield is situated adjacent to Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane stadium and has 158 guest rooms and a Penthouse Suite.

Sheffield-born Mattine, aged 39, lives with his Wife Allana and their children Emily and Louis in Greenhill.

Graves Park

We are very fortunate in Sheffield to have a number of amazing parks Endcliffe, Millhouses with Graves Park being my favourite. As a kid I spent hours in that park with my friends either playing football, on our bikes or unsuccessfully trying to catch fish in the boating pond. I now am lucky enough to live literally across the road from the park, so my family and I love nothing more than popping across, usually on a Sunday, for a walk or on a warm summers night for a kick about with my Son.

Bramall Lane

I remember going to my first Sheffield United game against Hull City with my Dad and seeing the likes of Keith Edwards and became instantly hooked on the ‘Red and White Wizards’. As I grew up I started to follow United home and Away going with my school friends who are still my close friends to this day and we had some amazing days watching the Blades. My Son loves United and nothing beats seeing him with the same look I probably had as a kid watching his heroes.

I suppose it was like a dream come true when I become General Manager at The Copthorne Hotel with the closeness and links the Hotel has with my beloved Blades. I love the buzz on match days in the Hotel and it’s great when Chris Wider and the players pop in.

Kashmiri Aroma

Food is a very big deal in our house! My Wife is an amazing cook but when we eat out as a family we love an Indian meal and none more so than at Kashmiri Aroma in Woodseats. Sheffield has some fantastic restaurants which cover all tastes and nationalities, but nothing beats a good curry and in my opinion Kashmiri Aroma ticks all the boxes. We are very regular visitors (usually after a long family walk on Sunday) and the food and service are second to none.


I have always tried to keep fit and healthy either through playing sport or going to the gym , I started to get a little bored of the monotonousness of the gym and tried CrossFit and became instantly hooked . CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme and the workouts are constantly varied and never two days, weeks or months workouts are the same. The people who go are such friendly and welcoming and massively support and help each other especially if you are a beginner, there are no prima donnas there and people of all shapes and sizes go. It literally kills me after each session, but I absolutely love it and it certainly helps works off the curries!

The Crown Heeley

Sheffield has some lovely bars and pubs but give me a ‘proper pub’ over a ‘trendy bar’ any day and The Crown at Heeley is just that. My friends and I like to go and have a couple of pints and watch the football there. It is a really friendly local pub and even though it’s technically not my local it feels like it is. The beer and lager selection is great, along with more Gins than you can point a stick at and the pies are amazing which you need to try but obviously with Hendo’s on.

My Nan’s House

When asked to do this piece I thought long and hard about my favourite things to do /places in Sheffield and going to my Nan’s beats them all. I am very lucky that my Nan is still with us and love that my kids (their great nan) is a big part of our/my life. If I’m not working I go to my Nan’s where there is usually a list of jobs for me to do then we have Cheese on Toast (With Henderson’s relish) play Dominoes or Snakes and Ladders and the winner gets a bag of sweets. These small things are the best and I will never forget the memories I have with my Nan growing up. My Nan is a typical Yorkshire lady who tells it as it is which I love and every time I go I usually get told I’ve put on a little weight but then in typical Nan style tries to pile me with food !!