This week's readers' letter: Lease should be reviewed on Doncaster Council run care homes


By Barbara Craythorn
Friday, 30th July 2021, 7:57 am
Liberty House. a Runwood Care Home at Cantley
Liberty House. a Runwood Care Home at Cantley

In 2015 the shock that vertebrated around the town that Labour run Doncaster council privatised the council run care homes was astonishing.

It was apparently the best plan of action to protect the homes. Sadly the whole process was mismanaged by Doncaster’s Labour Party.

Roll forward a couple of years and Runwood want to merge the

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homes in Cantley and Rossington together to make a new and ‘state of the art’ home.

Not really a bad idea but Runwood do not want to do this on the quiet site in Rossington they of course want to do it in Cantley on one of the few green spaces left and this is backed by the council.

Residents are still waiting for the zebra crossing to be installed in the area which was at the time put as a planning condition. This has been a huge let down to residents, many of whom are appalled at the total disregard for their safety.

As Conservatives we cannot sit idly by as this travesty is allowed to continue. We did very well at the last local election and picked up new councillors across the borough. Let this be a wake up call to the ruling Labour Party.

No amount of reasoned argument from the local Conservative

Councillors would change the mind of the Council. Councillors have the opportunity to ask critical questions about the council’s work. We took action and called in the decision, but, once again, we were blind sided by the socialist dogma.

To add insult to injury they handed the 2.26 acres of land over at a ‘peppercorn’ rent of £1 a year. This land is an asset which Doncaster tax-payers could benefit from but DMBC refuse to learn and look at how we can make money from the things we own.

Amazingly the Free Press on 15th July reported the ‘Boss’ of the company has awarded himself a £3 million bonus.

We have written to the council and the Mayor and asked them to review this lease as we think Runwood should be paying the

commercial rate for the 2.26 acres in Cantley.

To date we have had not had a response.

Cllrs Jane Cox, Stephen Cox, Allan Jones, Nick Allen, Laura Bluff,

Glenn Bluff, Cynthia Ransome, Thomas Noon, Gary Stapleton,

Martin Greenhalgh and Nigel Cannings.

Doncaster Conservative Group